Hand made masks, garments and jewellery made to order.
About me: I am an artist focusing mostly on creating unique wearable face garments for specific clients related to the fashion and the music industry.

Characterised by a very detailed organic appearance and a focus on handmade production process, my creations take place in a post-internet context oscillating between the different realities we live in.

Depending on the perspective, they can take many different forms such as sculptures, make-up, jewelleries or even AR filters. Blurring the lines of their nature allows me to create a space where I can cultivate them and prototype new species.

Currently working on my next solo exhibition, I remain available for serious inquiries and custom-made requests.
Please contact me at contact@lokidolor.com or on Instagram.

Hunger Magazine, Dazed Beauty, Афиша Daily, Current Obsession

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